Set in an isolated town in the middle of harsh red desert Sergeant Joanne Sharp fights to protect the town’s people as they try to survive an insidious parasite brought to earth by an Alien spacecraft. 

An Alien spacecraft crash-lands in an isolated town in the middle of harsh desert. It’s protected content is damaged, releasing an insidious parasite that attacks the brain of all creatures including humans, making them disorientated, unnaturally strong, and violent if that’s where the subconscious takes them.  


Sergeant Joanne Sharp, long time local cop desperately yearns for the city after being dragged back to the small township with the birth of her nephew.  Determined to take her feisty younger sister Samantha and eight-year old son Simon to the city, wakes to find the township without communication.  Arriving at the local police station to her police officer partner Luke Dawson, they venture into the town trying to solve unexpected events, that at first appear simple, but before long, they both realise are harbingers of horror to come. 


Those who have been effected by the spread of the virus search out those they love, not sure of what they’re about to do when they find them.  Joanne, and Luke soon discover this virus makes no sense, is random, and in the tight time frame impossible to control. With the town purposely isolated from the outside world by unknown sources, Joanne struggles to understand why?  


Eventually teaming up with the Alien, who mysteriously makes appearances throughout as he tries to destroy the remnants of his mistake, Joanne, Luke and the towns’ people all fight to save the township from itself, only to realise the Alien is prepared to destroy the virus at no expense – including humans that get in the way. 


A genre hybrid of Sci-Fi, Alien and Horror – The Dust Walker will keep its audiences on a fast journey making the 24hours of the movie’s time frame intensely adventurous, horrific and chilling.